The Tron rocket leaves the stratosphere – takes 6th market cap spot

The Tron rocket has left the stratosphere - takes the 6th market cap spot

Tron now holds the 6th largest marketcap.

The hot new cryptocurrency has shot from $0.04 to $0.25 in the new year alone, beating out favorites like Stellar, Litecoin and now NEM.

Many traders have noticed a new trend of cheap priced, high-supply coins becoming popular investment choices, as Tron follows the path of Ripple, Cardano, and Stellar over recent days and weeks.

Tron’s price has ramped up following a tweet from founder Justin Sun early Thursday that the company “will announce our partnership with a very prestigious public company next week.”

How far can the FOMO take it? With big news on the horizon and word spreading, who knows how high it will climb. Tron to $1? Lookout Cardano πŸ˜‰