The Wild World of Crypto Twitter

Crypto Twitter

If you’re an active crypto trader or just an enthusiast, you’ll no doubt have your preferred corners of the internet. Your favorite sources of news, opinions, and entertainment. Popular choices are Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and for the more adventurous types – the /biz board of 4chan. Chat rooms like Discord, Telegram and Slack are also popular in the crypto space.

These are all great, but can be hard to keep track of. The different groups, rooms and boards can get a bit much. This is where Twitter comes in handy for a personalized feed of short bursts of entertainment, opinions, news, and even the odd free TA chart. Twitter has become the unofficial home for some of the crypto ‘OGs’ and a lot of decent traders and chartists.

Curate your own worthy feed by following your favorites, or just use the list feature to segment your interests even further. I personally turn on mobile notifications for my favorite users so I get a steady flow of bite-sized updates, and wake up to a brief overview of any market movements that occurred in my sleep.

Where to start?

Start with following 5 or 10. After following a few active users you’ll be introduced to more people every day via retweets and shout outs. A lot of these guys and girls are very active.

You’ll find most of the more popular users post a mix of market analysis, charts, and light-hearted memes.

Some of my personal picks are:

The Crypto Dog
Blues Crypto
Joe Zabbs
The Cryptomist
Korean Jew

Oh and follow The Crypto Bubble ~ derr 😉

Good luck, and enjoy!

NOTE: Always remember to do your own research before taking the advice of any Twitter user, and always practice your own risk management.