Man’s wife not impressed after receiving worthless crypto ‘gift’

Verge cryptocurrency XVG price crash after huge pump and dump caused by John Mcafee

After minutes of Facebook research, keen cryptocurrency investor Gary Gullibel decided that this year he would give his wife the gift of a lifetime.

Privacy coin ‘Verge’ has been making headlines this week after a meteoric rise, which is said to have been started by colorful crypto character John McAfee.

Gary even ran the idea past reliable online investment groups, where numerous professionals suggested the coin was indeed a good buy at this price and was definitely ‘going the the moon’.

Verge cryptocurrency wraith protocol christmas 2017

His wife, seemingly unimpressed with her paper wallet gift on Christmas day, asked Gary what he had done.

“I got it for a grand babe! Look at what it’s worth now, here I’ll show you.”

“$896..” She replied after glancing at his iPhone screen. “No sorry, $856.. $845..”

“Oh. Damn. Let me ask some mates what’s happening. I should buy some more at this price I think.”

“You just wait until wraith is released babe. Seriously.” He said with a smirk.