‘Crazy Bitcoin friend’ now bombarded with messages from friends and family

'Crazy bitcoin friend' now bombarded with messages from friends and family

Simon has spent the last 12 months telling everyone he knows to buy Bitcoin – to no avail.

“Ethereum is really worth a look too. I’ve been telling them since it was $10. It’s like $800 now. Everyone just brushed it off like I was crazy. They must hate money”

Bitcoin’s meteoric price run from $3000 in September to a whopping $16,000 today, has sparked an influx of public attention thanks to mainstream media and news outlets across the globe.

Never ones to miss out on profit, Wall Street is even getting in on the fun now with the launch of Bitcoin futures.

Strangely, Simon’s inbox has been running red hot the past few weeks.

“Oh they want to buy now!? It’s gone like 5000% this year but they didn’t listen. I don’t care anymore they can get f@#ked. I’m filthy f@#king rich now. They can stay poor.”

They should have listened to Simon.