A concept EP by Lil Bubble

This project started as a group of animated NFT visuals based on retro arcade games.

I thought it would be cool to add sound.. Maybe some retro synths, bit-crushed leads and some beats. As usual I got a bit carried away and ended up with 5 full songs as the music took on a life of its own. It wouldn't be a Lil Bubble EP without some vocals, so I penned an intro track and lead single to round things off, and here we are.

I've worked as a graphic artist for the past 10 years - it's actually what I do for a living. Music is a side-gig. So when NFTs came along it felt like it was meant to be. A cocktail of my 3 biggest passions - art, music and crypto. I'm excited to have a whole new world to create and experiment with.

Pixel art is one of my favourite mediums. There's something therapeutic about spending days and weeks drawing one pixel at a time. I also think it's the style that most suits the Lil Bubble character. Overall this was just a really fun project to create, one that I think showcases all sides of Lil Bubble as an artist and a crypto enthusiast.

Concepts, visuals, animations and music by Lil Bubble. Hope you like it!

The NFTs

Each of the 5 songs is available as a single edition 1-of-1 NFT (Ethereum ERC-1155 token).

Each song is accompanied by a different Lil Bubble pixel animation, looped over the music.

Available for a limited time via auction from OpenSea.

Level 1: Don't Hate The Game

The opening track of the EP. A one-minute freestyle-esque bar session over a dirty digital beat.

Tis the season.

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Level 2: Going Up

A big-ass beat, distorted synth chords and blippy video-game effects.

Don't look now..

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Level 3: Hard To Bear

This is probably my favourite beat on the EP.
I left it instrumental so it can bang just that little bit harder.

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Level 4: Lambo Snow White

The lead single.
Elon is no longer one of us.

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Bonus Level: Supercycle

A little left-of-field, this one had to be a bonus track.
Some disgusting mid-tempo electro with a cyber-punk feel.

Do you believe? 

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The lead single

The lead single "Lambo Snow White" got a full animated music video.

This NFT was sold as part of the "100 Creators Campaign" during the launch of the Binance NFT Market Place, but you can still watch it on Youtube:

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Thanks for listening <3